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Clinical Research Fastrack Partners With Unified Women’s Clinical Research

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Clinical Research Fastrack Partners With Unified Women’s Clinical Research

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, 10 June 2019- Clinical Research Fastrack is excited to publicly announce its continuing
partnership with Unified Women’s Clinical Research (UWCR).

UWCR, which is a service arm of Unified Physicians Management, is a unique alliance of OB/GYN practices across the Southeastern United States. The experienced clinical research professionals at UWCR perform trials for a variety of treatments and therapies, including trials on investigational medications, devices, gene therapy, and vaccines. The investigators have also completed multiple pharmacokinetic and observational studies. To date, UWCR has worked with over 30,000 patients and enrolled approximately 7,000 participants in clinical trials. Notably, the Verifi prenatal test, a trial conducted by UWCR, was published in the ACOG Green Journal with Verinata.

On working with UWCR, David Silberman, the CEO of Clinical Research Fastrack, said, “The research
staff from Unified Women’s Clinical Research are top notch, and we are honored to be affiliated with them.
They are incredible professionals and greatmentors to our students. We feelfortunate to be able to work
so closely with theirmanager, Keishia, and her team.”

When asked about the UWCR partnership with Clinical Research Fastrack, Keishia Rodriguez, the Trial
Operations Manager, said, “Fromthe very beginning, the partnership has been wonderful. The quality of the students who have spent their internship here wasso great that our employees at all of our sites wanted to hire them, and getmore interns.” She also said that, “We work in a hard industry, and it is incredibly rewarding for UWCR staff to share their knowledge with those walking through the big wide doors of the clinical research industry.”

In addition to sending students for their internships at UWCR, during this year’s annual ACRP Conference in Nashville, Clinical Research Fastrack’s Executive Team was able to meet with the UWCR leadership team. Both entities agree that, together, better trained researchers are pushing forward the important studies in women’s health.

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