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Clinical Research Fastrack Partners With Meridian Clinical Research

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, April18, 2019 – Clinical Research Fastrack is proud to publicly announce our ongoing
partnership with Meridian Clinical Research. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Meridian supports
research in several different therapeutic areas and specializes in high-volume vaccine trials. Meridian
conducts clinical studies across 18 sites including 2 locations in Mexico.

“We are so happy to be able to support Meridian’s growth by introducing our trained candidates to their
sites. Our students have the opportunity to intern with top notch research professionals at Meridian, and
Meridian isfinding research-ready talent to hire fromFastrack. Everyone wins!” Said, David Silberman, CEO
and Co-Founder of Clinical Research Fastrack.

Indeed, one of the most exciting aspects about Clinical Research Fastrack’s partnership with Meridian
is the ability for their site network to have a new pool of highly qualified job applicants from which to
choose from. Meridian has hired all three of the Clinical Research Fastrack interns they have hosted.

When speaking about Jules D., one of Meridian’s recent hires from the Clinical Research Fastrack
program, Graciela Zapata, the Clinical Site Director at the Rockville, Maryland site, stated: “As one of
Meridian’s newer sites, it [is] important forme to staff our team with individuals that have a well-rounded
education and background in the clinical research triallifecycle, its processes and procedures. During her
internship, Juliana displayed an impressive level of knowledge and confidence in her skills and abilities. It
was difficult to tell her apart fromthe other coordinators that hadmore experience in the position. She
asked the right questions at the right time, and took note of the answers. It was an easy decision to offer
her a position here at Meridian Clinical Research – Rockville, Maryland.”

Jules revealed that her confidence and knowledge was thanks to Clinical Research Fastrack’s
training, “This program provided me with all of the tools to begin my career in clinical research–
education, hands-on training, and networking”…[It is] “run by great people who work so hard to bring
out the best opportunities for anyone interested in the field.”

Stories like Jules’ at Meridian are what motivate the Clinical Research Fastrack team. “When youmeet a
student like Jules who is bright,motivated, and worksso hard to get to where she needs to go to advance
medicine, it is empowering to introduce her to siteslike Meridian where we can all rest assured that the
quality of the data and the safety and well-being of the participants will not be compromised. I amproud to
introduce such passionate students asfellow colleaguesin thisfield,” said Jeannie Farnsworth, Director
of Outreach and Engagement at Clinical Research Fastrack.

To learn more about Meridian Clinical Research, please visit