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Home News Clinical Research Fastrack & Physicians Research Group Collaborate On Clinical Research Training

Clinical Research Fastrack & Physicians Research Group Collaborate On Clinical Research Training

[Scottsdale, Arizona, 10/2/18] – Clinical Research Fastrack is tremendously excited to announce our partnership with Physicians Research Group (PRG) headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. PRG is a world leader in furthering the advancement and capabilities of medicine. Through their extensive clinical trial site network, which spans 22 individual sites in 12 different therapeutic areas, they are elevating the standards for integrated site networks while driving medicine forward. Healthcare is a global need, and PRG is dedicated to
enabling new innovative treatments to be accessible to all people. Soon they will be opening new research sites in the countries of Colombia, Ireland, and New Zealand bringing hopeful therapies to those nations, and building upon the diversity and reach of clinical research.

With Clinical Research Fastrack’s extensive and highly touted training program, we are able to propel forward the success of the clinical research industry by introducing trained entrylevel clinical research professionals into this growing healthcare sector. Our graduates are leaving with a skill-set and knowledge base that is second to none, and are making a tangible impact at sites from day one. By sending our research ready graduates to companies like PRG we are the solution to the the revolving door of clinical research: retraining and turnover. Through our partnership with PRG we will help eliminate the gap of over 70,000 new researchers needed to carry out the clinical trials that are being funded through government grants, private donations, and pharmaceutical contracts.

Clinical Research Fastrack is proud to collaborate with PRG in our joint mission to create a healthier world through the transformative industry of clinical research. We look forward to a future of successful employee hires and clinical trials won, and thus constructing a better quality of life around the globe.