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Clinical Research Fastrack Partners With Panda Neurology

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, May 1, 2019 – Clinical Research Fastrack is excited to publicly announce its ongoing
partnership with Panda Neurology.

Founded in 2013, PANDA (Pediatric and Adolescent Neurodevelopment Associates)
specializes in migraine, sleep and epilepsy studies. PANDA is part of the ClinicalIntegrative Research
Center of Atlanta (CIRCA), which is also partnered with Atlanta Headache Specialists. Specifically, the
research team at PANDA investigates new medications, as well as existing, marketed medications for
new purposes. PANDA Neurology conducts trials for a variety of diseases, including: pediatric epilepsy,
migraines, ADHD, Tourette syndrome, restless leg syndrome, and other neurological diseases. In just a
few years since its inception, PANDA Neurology has worked on 27 clinical trials, working with
approximately 484 participants.

Clinical Research Fastrack graduates are eager to assist with clinical trials at sites like PANDA. At
PANDA, Dr. Robert Flamini and Dr. Frank Berenson have helped patients achieve both migraine and
seizure freedom and/or reduction in symptoms and frequency. Wes Williams, the Clinical Research
Operations Manager at PANDA Neurology, and also a beloved Clinical Research Fastrack instructor,
recounts one of his favorite stories of a patient who was on the verge of homelessness because of a
severe ADHD condition. According to Williams the patient felt “confined and restricted” when put on
medications, but through a clinical trial at PANDA, the patient was able to see progress and eventually
become more independent and find a place to live. “Thisis why we do research!” Williams said.

When asked about his own experience in the clinical research industry, Williams said, “I wish I had this
[Clinical Research Fastrack] training duringmy early daysin clinical research. This program will place you
steps ahead of your peers. Manymentors providedme with their own experience, knowledge, and shared
toolsin order forme to advancemy career. Teaching at Clinical Research Fastrack provides an outlet forme
to give back, and I enjoy it.”

David Silberman, the Co-Founder and CEO of Clinical Research Fastrack, shared, “What a joy to work
with Wes and the teamfromPANDA. They are professionals who not only bring their clinical research
expertise, but their passion and hard work as well. We are thrilled to be affiliated with them.”

For more information about PANDA Neurology, visit